A Fun Way To Sweat Off That Extra Pound

It has always been a part of someone’s New Year’s Resolutions, promises of eating healthier and exercising more. But the lure of carbohydrates, sweets and afternoon naps are tempting that these resolutions, more often than not, remained as promises that are sadly made to be broken.
Fortunately, for those willing and really motivated to get in shape, there is a surefire way to have fun while being active: dancing.

Dance till you drop

It is no wonder people come up with entertaining ways to exercise because not all enjoy running on a treadmill or pedaling on a stationary bike. There are numerous dance classes Richmond being offered depending on one’s preference. What these classes have in common is that by the end of each session, you had fun; you managed to exercise and perhaps even made a new friend or two.Interested? Before stretching out those muscles or running to the store to buy new workout clothes, first consider what dance style you would want to learn.

Dance Styles

As mentioned, there are numerous classes available and the first thing you should think about is what type of dance you want to do. This is important because if it does not interest you, you would soon lose the motivation to attend the next class.For those not (yet) comfortable to dance with a partner, your best bet is Belly Dancing. A dance that is acknowledged to have originated in the Middle East, this style would have you exercising your hips and torsos in no time. The choreography is also a bit easier since it does not involve fancy footworks. It is also considered as a non-impact workout that anyone, young or old could do. But if exposing your stomach is not your cup of tea, opt for Zumba. This fitness program that was developed in the 1990’s include repetitive dance moves that are reminiscent of aerobic moves and are usually performed
to upbeat and modern music.If you are one of those fortunate enough to have a significant other who is supportive to attend dance sessions with you, choose to enroll in salsa dancing lessons. And since salsa is considered to be a dance of flirtatious nature, it will even help your bond get stronger or reignite your spark. Also, since Salsa involves lot of hip movements the energy is always seductive.Your reason for dancing might be to lose weight but there are other benefits you could get from dancing. It could also improve your mental health, a proven stress reliever, creative outlet and will help boost your discipline and self-confidence. So book a class at the nearest dance studio and start moving those hips. 

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